Fun Home Activities That Your Family Can Bond Over

Fun Home Activities That Your Family Can Bond Over


Have you typed ‘things to do indoors’ into Google one too many times? We’ve been there, and we wanna help. As the June holidays approach, now’s a great time to plan some indoor activities that you and your family can enjoy together. There’s lots of fun to be had even without going outside, and being able to cut down on screen time is a bonus (we hope you’ll read till the end of this article though).

Get creative
For younger children, bringing the outdoors indoors will help spur their creativity and imagination. Hone those improv acting skills and get role playing with the kids – playing different characters helps refine a child’s ability to express emotions and nurtures his or her imagination. Have a dress-up day where every family member has to pick a costume to wear for the day and has to talk in character. 

Assigning children simple tasks will encourage responsibility and innovation, and whether your child is creative or not, there’s nothing quite like some good ol’ arts and crafts. A fun hands-on activity can be great for reducing boredom and you can even use things that you already have lying around the house. Don’t have any paints handy? Make some, with flour, salt, water and food colouring! Even if the children in question are adult-sized, you and your loved ones can learn new skills like watercolour painting and embroidery through Youtube videos.

Cook up a storm
Cooking and baking is a great way to pass the time too, if the Dalgona coffee boom during Circuit Breaker last year was any indication. Anyone can learn to cook, including the little ones, as there are many simple recipes available online that you can learn as a family. Furthermore, the tantalising tastes and smells that will fill the kitchen make for a great sensory experience. In fact, starting them young has several benefits, as you would be teaching them responsibility and helping them to form healthy eating habits they’ll carry through to adulthood. 

Need some ideas? Younger children aged two to four can help with plucking the leaves off of vegetables and mashing potatoes. These will exercise their motor skills and build their confidence, while older kids can attempt more difficult tasks like frying an egg or flipping pancakes — under supervision, preferably. Consider learning how to prepare nutritious dishes that strengthen your immunity. During these times when our health and safety is in question, it’s a great idea to teach your children how to protect their immune systems by eating well.

Work out while staying in
Speaking of staying healthy, exercising as a family is another fun activity to do at home, and it can be easy too. Try the 7×7 Workouts, which comprise a series of seven-minute workout videos that are released every day of the week. Following these virtual workouts is an easy way to incorporate exercise in your daily routine, and it never gets boring as a new video is released every day. Tackling a variety of exercises together as a family can keep everyone motivated to finish strong. Staying active is key to any child’s physical and mental development. Show them that exercise is fun and rewarding, so that they develop a love for it. If anything, family exercise is guaranteed to be a barrel of laughs as you sweat it out together. Just don’t forget to warm up!

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