Photos by Singapore Sports Hub

Every 9th of August, the nation adorns itself in red and white, uniting to ring in National Day and its festivities. Singaporeans and friends proudly wave the flag and reminisce about our rich history, appreciate our diverse culture and cherish the progress our little red dot has made. Celebrating our 58th birthday this year, the occasion was filled with a spectrum of emotions from jubilation to heartfelt sentiments for our home, with additional fervour this year as we put the pandemic behind us to move ‘Onward as One’. 

At the Singapore Sports Hub, we had our own spin on celebrating our nation’s 58th. Remaining true to this year’s theme ‘Onward as One’, we had planned a myriad of activities with Sports Singapore for all to move together as one towards our fitness and sport goals! The 12-day event featured a diverse range of sports and wellness activities, try-outs, friendly games, and skate clinics, engaging people of all ages.

Over 50,000 celebrants from all walks of life gathered at Singapore Sports Hub on 9th August to be a part of either the workout sessions that were followed by live music performances, or simply to watch the live telecast of the National Day Parade that was screened right before the spectacular fireworks display. 

The young and old took part in a specially choreographed fitness programmes like Cardio (with a Singapore Twist) and the nostalgic Great Singapore Workout to kickstart the day. These fun fitness sessions were part of a plethora of activities which was spread across at every corner of the Singapore Sports Hub. The YouthCreates Skateboarding Workshops started as early as 9am and lasted all the way to 4pm as skateboard enthusiasts honed their skills on their decks. 

Alongside these at the OCBC Square were fun and interactive activities. Old-school carnival games, from Pick-up Sticks to the Five Stones, were given a twist – they were produced in a jumbo version for a fresh experience! There were also all-time favourite carnival game booths such as Toss the Eggs, Sack Race and Feed the Dino which elicited cheer and laughter from adults and kids alike. In addition, stations offering temporary tattoos, face painting and balloon sculpting had snaking queues.


After the energising morning workouts, many sought solace from the sweltering afternoon heat by sitting back and relaxing to the rhythm and tunes by The Passerby. The acoustic live band filled the air with their repertoire of old and new numbers in Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu and Tamil, and of course National Day songs to prime the audience up for another sing-along session during the parade. It was a perfect respite as live food stations that offered local delights such as laksa and snacks from muah chee to kacang putih while the band continued to serenade the crowd. 

As the evening approached, it was heartwarming to witness a sea of picnic mats across the OCBC Square and Stadium Roar. The landscape was peppered with red and white anticipation as all awaited the live telecast of the National Day parade. The air was filled with eagerness and joy, and you could see smiles from the crowd all around, especially when patrons received the NDP Packs!

The massive screens and surround sound allowed for an immersive experience, making audience feel like they were at Padang. 

Majulah Fiesta Pt

The anticipation reached its peak as the crowd looked forward to Singapore Sports Hub’s very own fireworks display. Everyone was assured a grand and full view of the mesmerising moment as there were great perspectives from almost every spot! And when the time finally arrived, the sky lit up in a spectacular burst of colours, igniting the darkness with a breathtaking brilliance. The five minutes of grandeur was matched only by the awe-struck expressions on the faces of the captivated spectators.

As the Singapore Sports Hub hosted another memorable National Day, we are proud to be home to wonderful memories of gathering the community here to celebrate our shared heritage and the boundless love we have for our Singapore. More than just a place for fitness and fun, it is where Singapore comes together! 

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